Friday, November 16, 2012

My Benjamin: 12, 15, and 18 months

 I just finished up Ben's 18 month portraits and realized I was way behind in sharing his cuteness! Here are 3 updates...

I love the green porch at Mordecai park, and when I chose his green shirt I knew it would be perfect for his 12 months session. He was and is such a chubster! Love these pics of my brown eyed boy!

He turned 15 months on July 4th and we were on our annual beach trip, so I snagged a couple pics but it was tough to distract him from pointing at all the seagulls!

I chose the NC Art Museum for his 18 month shots. He's getting so big and handsome! (And silly!)


Eat your heart out, ladies! :)


leah said...

THOSE EYES... adorable!!

jessica said...

That smile! And I'm loving the 3rd-from-last shot... he's like "ugh, come ON mom!"

jessica said...

Actually... he might be more like "look at my mysterious model pose" :)