Monday, June 18, 2012

Michael & Austin - Married!

This wedding day was unforgettable and such an blessing to be a part of. Mike and Austin are some of our very best friends... those friends you know you'll never lose. It was the most amazing experience to photograph this small family-only ceremony for people I love so much, with the breathtaking backdrop of Max Patch Bald.

The ceremony was just perfect. We all laughed and cried... it was touching, and intimate, and beautiful.

And it was SUCH a HAPPY day!

Mike and Austin set aside a huge chunk of time for taking pictures.... thank goodness, because the scenery was so stunning I just couldn't stop clicking!


Aren't they gorgeous together?!?!

The reception was held at the Kana'Ti Lodge which is run by the sweetest, most accommodating people! It was rustic and charming, yet comfortable and all the conveniences we needed. 

All our love to the newlyweds.... we can't wait to witness the growth of your love and marriage.


Melissa Pearce said...


Terrie said...

Gorgeous photos of a lovely couple. Wish we could have been there!

Pat Purkey-Entwistle said...

Beautiful day, beautiful couple, beautiful ceremony. I especially liked the photos of the couple in front of their new home, although it could use some fixing up--ha!
Best wishes, and may you share giggles your whole lives through. xo