Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sweet Chandler made his entrance into the world a little early, and he is so tiny! But he's growing fast and is one strong kid. I had a great time with Becca and Brian while we photographed their little boy... he was an angel the whole time.

I love the newborn wrinkles....

Do you see his little smile?

Apparently, he's always had his hands by his face... even in the womb.

The happy new family of three!

Thanks guys, for letting me love on your sweet boy!


leah said...

so cute!

Holden and fam said...

oh sweet baby Chandler! we love you!

The Schreibman Family said...

Oh how wonderful. I went to college with Becca so this was a special treat to get a sneak peek at her new little guy Chandler! Congrats you two!

Sarah and Brad Lynch said...

He is so precious!!! Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brad are so proud of Little Chandler!!!! We can't wait to see you soon!!! LOVE THE PICTURES!!!!